Friday, September 30, 2011

Tuna Cream

A common meal in our house is tuna cream. It is quick to make, good for lunch or dinner, and a cold dish for when we feel like we have been eating too many warm meals.It is also super simple so no matter how tired we are (or grumpy I am when I have not been fed recently enough) it can be made and served in a very short time (15 minutes) and before any true grouchiness can break out (although, I am never actually grouchy so poo! ;) )

Oops. The onion did not make it into this picture!
We love veggies and we add them to almost everything we make. Our tuna cream usually ends up being a little tuna with a lot of other stuff. This time we used onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and a handful of corn. Cut up all the vegetables rather small, mix them with tuna, add a generous amount of mayo, and lots of seasonings such as basil, pepper, salt (we use this stuff when translated is something like tomato spice mix which has a lot of salt plus other stuff in it), a little rosemary, and oregano. Then finally, the secret to it all is a teaspoon of sugar and a tiny squirt of vinegar (such as apple vinegar - but lemon works also). 

We give this a good mix, stuff a bell pepper with it and serve it on a bed of lettuce. Add a little bit of olive oil and balsamic so the lettuce isn't boring and serve it with rolls (preferably not burnt, except for this time the roll maker *cough cough* got a little distracted by his computer and forgot all about them).

Num num num. I can feel the grumps going away just looking at it

Quick and tasty meal, and if you are willing to take a minute to plate it nicely, it looks pretty cute for salad :)

Oh, and for the Americans out there. I would call this tuna salad (it is tuna salad for goodness sakes!) but the German won and we now use the term  tuna cream in our apartment.

This tuna CREME (he reminds me) :) is the American version by the way - my boyfriend does it slightly differently and a bit more unhealthy... (but very mjumy too - he adds): mix salt, pepper, chopped up bell pepper and a lot of mayonnaise. He rounds out the spread or if you wish bread dip with vinegar or lemon juice.


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