Sunday, March 25, 2012

Asian-Style Honey Chicken Kebabs

This Asian chicken is not much different from stir frying chicken with soy sauce, but the honey and letting it marinade for hours gives it a stronger flavor. Using skewers also makes it look a lot more fancy :)

For two portions (about five kebabs total)

200 grams chicken (breasts cut into strips or already cut chicken pieces)
3 Tbs onion, chopped finely
2Tbs soy sauce
1/2 Tbs ginger (fresh), minced
1/2 Tbs garlic, minced
2 Tbs honey
Red pepper flakes (if wanted)
2 large green onions

(rice and a vegetable if wanted)

Start the chicken marinading at least two hours before wanting to start cooking. 

Cut the chicken into small strips if not already done. Place in a shallow pan and add the onion, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, honey and if wanted, red pepper flakes. Turn the chicken so all parts get covered and let sit in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours. During this time you can also soak your skewers in water if they are wooden. This keeps them from burning in the oven.

When ready to cook:

Preheat the oven to 425 F (220 C)

Clean the green onion and cut into large pieces (using the base of the onion only). Remove the chicken from the marinade and place on the skewers, alternating with the green onion pieces.

If you would like to make a separate sauce to go with rice or the chicken, DO NOT THROW AWAY THE MARINADE! We recommend this and think the sauce was the best part of the meal.

Place the kebabs in the oven (middle to high rack). We placed ours directly on the rack even though it meant more to clean up when finished. 

Bake the chicken for about 15 minutes or until done through.

While the chicken is baking, cook the rice according to the package directions. You can also cook a vegetable to go with meal.

If you want a sauce to go with the rice or chicken, place the extra marinade into a saucepan and let cook over medium heat until it thickens. We liked the sauce so much that we think next time we will make extra marinade on purpose :)

When the chicken is finished, serve with rice, a vegetable and the extra sauce.

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