Monday, April 9, 2012

Mix-Up Monday: Measurement (American versus German Measurement)

He wants to point out how crazy the US is (

We are a multicultural household which means we are also a multi-measurement household. Fahrenheit, Celsius, cups, pounds, ounces, kilograms, tablespoons, and Esslöffel. Everything gets used and converted on a daily basis.  You may have noticed that our recipes use a mixture of the metric and the imperial system (Come on, admit it, how many of you ever realized it was called the imperial system???). Sometimes we even go back and forth in one recipe.We know we must be a lot of fun to try and follow :).

This is just the way our household works. She has gotten a lot better about using (and more importantly understanding) the metric system and he tries to figure out the nonsense of imperial. But in the end we are both pretty stuck in our ways.

Our solution? Lots of items that help us measure in both systems!

1 EL (Esslöffel or eating spoon) = 1 Tbs in the USA (there is supposedly a 5 ml difference but we use them interchangeably).

1 TL (Teelöffel or teaspoon) = tsp in the USA (again 5 ml off)

Our American measuring cups also have milliliters on them which makes these conversions easier for us. One American cup is 120 ml).

Our super handy scale. We think every kitchen needs one of these! Not only does it allows us to weigh things in grams and ounces but the tare function lets us zero the scale with a plate or bowl already on it.

For you readers who we confuse :) (

These are just a few of our multicultural measuring systems. Our bathroom scale also weighs in kilos, pounds (and even stones if we want!), her computer is set to tell the temperature in Fahrenheit while his is set to Celsius and we have both become experts at googling all of our conversion needs :)

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