Monday, July 16, 2012

Mix-Up Monday: Animal Sounds

Go to the zoo with a friend who grew up with a different native language and you will quickly learn that there are some pretty funny and unique differences when it comes to the "sounds" animals make in different languages.
Here are some of the examples we have run into when comparing German and English animals:

Sheep / Schaf
English: Baaaaa
German:  Määääää

Rooster / Hahn

English: Cock-a-doodle-doo

Donkey / Esel
English: Hee-haw
German: Iaah

Pig / Schwein
English: Oink oink
German: Grunz grunz

Chick / Küken
English: Cheep cheep cheep
German: piep piep
Dog / Hund
English: Bow-wow, woof woof
German:Wau wau, wuf wuf

Frog / Frosch
English: Ribbit ribbit (USA), Croak croak (GB)
German: Quak quak

Bee/ Biene
Buzz buzz/Summ summ
English: Buzz buzz
German:Summ summ

Hen / Henne
English: Cluck Cluck
German: Gak gak

Horse / Pferd
English: Neigh
German: They say the sound horses make is huii but in our experience if you ask a German what a horse says they just snort and throw their head like a horse and do not have such an agreed upon horse sound as English does.

Next time you go to the zoo try out your new animal might be homesick and happy to hear a little talk from home ;)

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