Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sachertorte (Austrian Chocolate Cake)

This cake is a traditional Austrian cake but also popular in Germany. She made this one night (about four in the morning) when she could not sleep so excuse the pictures. The recipe is for one cake (24 cm) but she made only 1/3 of that to make a very small cake and two cupcakes, plenty for two people.

For an entire cake:

120 g bittersweet chocolate (at least 40%)
120 g butter
6 eggs (divided, whites and yolks)
100 g powder sugar
80 g sugar
80 g flour
40 g corn flour (yes, she was shocked when she read that too!)
jelly (if you would like to fill it with jelly, otherwise more chocolate)

 Equal amounts butter and bittersweet chocolate

Preheat the oven to 180 C (350 F)

Melt the chocolate and butter together on the stove (best to use a double boiler). If you do not own one (like us) you can also put two pans together to make your own double boiler.

While the chocolate and butter melt, separate the eggs.

Mix the egg yolk with the powder sugar and add to the melted chocolate once completely melted and mixed with the butter. Set aside.

Mix the egg white with the granulated sugar. Add in the flour and corn flour. Add the melted chocolate and egg yolk mix into the egg white mix. Stir but do not beat.

She greased the baking pan and suggests you do too.

We love our cute mini cake pan

Bake at 180 C with the door cracked open for 10 minutes. Close the door and continue cooking for up to 50 more minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Since she only made a tiny cake and cupcakes baking time was much shorter.

1/3 of the regular recipe

Let cool for a few minutes and turn the cake out. Once cooled, slice through the middle and fill with jelly (warm up the jelly you will use in the microwave first and spreading will be much easier) or with a mixture of butter and chocolate (equal amounts melted together).

To top the cake, melt and equal amount of butter and chocolate like you did in the first step of the recipe. Poor over the cake and let cool.

Not the most beautiful of cakes, she blames that on being made at 4am
Keep the cake in the refrigerator. It keeps very well (up to ten days) and we did not eat it for three days and it still tasted great.


  1. first class baking! god i love cooking and backing but i really suck at it, except when I play cooking flash games in but the real baking :( :( DeF gonna try Sachertorte (choco cake) recipe this evening. thanks