Thursday, June 28, 2012

Craft: Message Board Picture Frame

She was trying to think of a small but interesting present for a teacher she knows. What she came up was this picture frame with lined paper instead of a picture and a white board pen to allow for the writing of messages.
This craft took only a few minutes and in total was under 10 euros to make (with the supplies leftover to make 2-3 more if she buys some picture frames).

Play with the decorations and this craft can fit anyone. Who doesn't need something to help stay organized?

For one finished frame:

1 frame (any color you want)
1 white board pen (she bought one that comes with an eraser on the end)
Decorations (small wooden letters or decorations are best)
1 screw with eye large enough for the marker (if this does not work for you maybe there are other creative ways to attach the marker)
1 piece lined paper
Glue, scissors, maybe a ruler

Use the glass that comes with the picture frames to measure the lined paper and cut out the correct size for the frame.

Add the paper, just like you would a photo, and close up the frame.

Next, decide where you want the pen to hang and twist in your screw.


She did this before decorating the frame because she was afraid the screw might ruin the front. It didn't!

There was a little bit of the wood showing through the side of the frame and she just used a black marker to make it blend in. If you use a super thin frame or a super large screw this might not work and you should try a different way to attach the pen.


Decide how you want your frame decorated and glue everything on. She was going to write "To do" but could not find any small wooden letters so instead she stuck with a teacher theme.

All finished! You can write on the glass with the white board marker and erase it as often as you want. Keep it on your desk at home or work to keep track of what you need to do.

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