Friday, June 15, 2012

Spätzle and Linsen (Lentils)

She likes hers separated

Love Spätzle but looking for a new way to eat it that does not involve cheese? Try Spätzle and Linsen (the German word for lentils). A common German dish, Spätzle and Linsen is not much more work than making Spätzle alone, but is an entire meal. Serve with wurst to round it out and you have a very filling lunch or dinner.

Use our Spätzle recipe, just don't add the cheese and onions. Instead, leave the Spätzle plain. This also means you do not need to spend the time cooking the Spätzle in the oven.

Then make your lentils. We used canned lentils but do not love their flavor so we add vinegar, a bit of salt, and some herbs. If you make your own lentils from scratch you will have to make sure to let them soak plenty of time before you plan on cooking.

The wurst can be warmed up in a pot of hot water (not boiling) for a few minutes or cooked on the stove in a bit of oil.

He likes his all on top of each other

Put it all together and finished! A tasty and traditional meal!

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