Friday, January 3, 2014

Statistics: 365 Days of a Consultant's Food

One might ask me one day: What was the silliest thing you ever did in your life? From now on I have an appropriate answer to this question: I took a picture of the food I ate for one year and wrote about it every Tuesday (beside minor issues with my broken Laptop, holiday in Africa or the winter holiday in New York/California). People might wonder what a consultant eats every day and if it is really desirable to get paid for eating out and living in hotels and "on the road"? Well, from now on you have statistics of all the food an (un)usual consultant in Advisory eats while being on a project during the week.

With my project I covered 56% of the food I ate this past year, not including breakfast during the week which would then add up to a coverage of 77% (Hotel breakfasts are usually always the same).
This Year I traveled to 10 different countries including: Germany, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Switzerland, Kenya and the United States of America which all lead to the results of my daily food and experiences.
Enclosed the statistics:

Horse 1
Waffles 4
Bread with dip 5
Croissants 6
Aglio Olio 7
Currywursts 7
Fajitas 8
Frikandelles 8
Crepés 9
Fruits 10
Nachos 10
Seafood Pastas 10
Tomato Mozzarella 10
Breakfast food 11
Sushi 12
Fries 14
Potato related dishes 14
Sausages 14
Lox Bagels or Rolls 15
Chicken related 16
Hamburgers 16
Cake 17
Spaghetti Bolognese 19
Deserts 20
Beef related dishes 21
Seafood related 22
Pizzas 23
Pastas 38
Salads 40
Soups 41
Asian Food 42
Pork related dishes 42
Sandwiches 82


Thank you for reading! I will now enjoy my meals without taking a picture... (feels kind of weird) and have an answer for the silliest thing I have ever done - at least until the next crazy adventure :D


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