Monday, October 10, 2011

Self Made Ice Tea!

Do you sometimes have a craving for something to drink beside soda or water?

Well.. here it is our self made ice-tea recipe.... (Americans might know this recipe very well but our German friends probably only know this tea from Mexican restaurants like Hacienda or Enchilada or some chain like that)


3 bags of black tea (Earl Grey works best for us!)


Lemons or lemon juice 
(Lemons might be too expensive sometimes so the juice works also very well!)


Boil some water and let it sit for about double the time which is mentioned on the product - instead of 3 minutes just let it sit in the boiled water for 6 minutes (3 tea bags is good for about 2,5 liters of water - or tea...)

After the tea cools down outside of the fridge, pour it into your glass full of ice or store the big pitcher in your fridge... we had a very hard time to find decent ice trays in Germany... what you see here is a mix of ice cube makers from Ikea and some one euro store. Anyone any ideas how to make cheap and fast ice - without wasting plastic ice cube bags?!

In America it is common to mix the lemon and sugar in when it is still warm (this way the sugar dissolves instead of just collecting on the bottom. Since we have a lot of guests, we do not put anything in and then they can flavor it themselves.

Enjoy! (If you are a sweet one... put some sugar in the tea... - but give it a try without first!)


  1. How much lemon juice did you put in?

  2. Good question! We love lemon so for one large pitcher we use at least 3 Tbs of lemon juice. However, since we often serve tea to guests we have started to not flavor the tea and let the guests decide for themselves!

  3. Here in Spain now is summer and this is the perfect drink to refresh.
    We are more into coffe than tea, and tea lovers as me, help us a lot your post. Thanks for sharing!!