Sunday, October 16, 2011

Simple Nachos

Nachos are definitely not very common in Germany and when we are craving some the only real choice is to make them ourselves or drive quite a ways to pay a ridiculous amount of money. For that reason, we now make them ourselves. For Americans, nachos are no big thing but I recommend trying this recipe if you are stuck in a rut of only using not very tasty looking nacho cheese from a jar. Are nachos Mexcian? That we can't really answer, but we do know they are delicious!
All you need to make these nachos is nacho chips, grated cheese, tomato sauce (we use pizza tomatoes which is sauce with some chunks), sour cream, and lots of seasonings.

Lay the nacho chips out on a baking sheet. Do not let them overlap too much. Cover with grated cheese and put them in a hot oven (either on broil or just on regular bake) until the cheese is melted.

While you are waiting for this chips to finish (or before if you are like us and forget about them when cooking something else) pour the can of tomato sauce into a pan and heat on medium high. Add about one tablespoon of sugar (good to start with less and taste it since you cannot take it back), pepper flakes, Cholula sauce (or other hot sauce), salt, pepper, oregano, and a little basil.  We use an Italian mix to save time.

Cook until thoroughly heated and the chips are done. Serve tomato sauce over chips with sour cream to finish it of. She likes lettuce with her nachos, he is not as big of a fan. Other toppings can be added including Jalapenos (hot peppers), olives, beans or guacamole.

These are a great starter course to serve with the burritos we blogged about earlier found here.

Also, highly recommended for your time in front of the tv while doing nothing ;).


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