Monday, May 7, 2012

Mix-Up Monday: Cold-Cut Dinner

The typical German dinner consists of bread, cold cuts, cheese, and some vegetables. It is quite common (especially for the older generation) to eat a large warm lunch and a cold dinner. This is how he grew up, eating bread and cold cuts for dinner each night.

Typically this is the other way around in the USA. For lunch many eat a cold meal, such as a sandwich. For dinner, a larger and warm meal is served. This is how she grew up and this is also how we typically choose to eat our house.

The other night though, we had some good German bread and a lot of cold cuts on the fridge and decided to go traditional German for one night.

The only not traditional part? We toasted the bread...apparently the wrong way to eat a cold-cut dinner and something that never happened during his childhood :)

We recommend this dinner how ever you want, toasted or "raw" - just make sure the bread is open faced and not like a sandwich - for the real taste!

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