Monday, May 21, 2012

Mix-Up Monday: Gas

This Monday Mix-Up is a little reminder of how some things really are cheaper in the USA, even though Americans love to complain (her included!). GAS!

In Germany gas is sold by the liter not the gallon (3.79 liters in one US gallon). This makes the gas look really cheap, but then once you start adding it up you realize that it is anything but cheap, it costs and it costs A LOT!

We bought gas yesterday and it was 1.62 euros/liter. We did a little calculating and this is what we realized. At the price (which continuously rise) you pay 6.13 euros a gallon. Sounds expensive, but then you have to do the conversion of Euros to dollars to realize just how expensive it is.
Gas Prices Germany
Gas prices Germany

At the current conversion rates, this comes out to $7.83/gallon. Much higher than anywhere you would look in the USA.

Using google, we found that the average price for gas in the USA is $3.68/gallon (according to the Boston Globe today). That means that it costs roughly 2.88 euros/gallon or 0.76 euros/liter.

Not as bad as you thought America, not bad at all.

For you Germans out there all we can say is we are sorry and we feel your pain - we are in the same boat.

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