Friday, September 21, 2012

Fried Maultaschen and Egg

Unfortunately, if you are not in Germany or do not have access to Southern German food, this dish will be nearly  impossible to make. There is a way to make your own maultaschen but we haven't tried it yet...hopefully, that will be a project in the near future.

Maultaschen are like giant ravioli but a bit larger, tougher, and with lots more filling.

In our part of Germany it is traditional to eat maultaschen on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday because they say god cannot see the meat through the pasta dough. For this reason, maultaschen are sometimes called Herrgottsbescheißerle, or little cheaters on god.

You can get vegetarian maultaschen or with meat inside. We usually have the original schwäbisch kind (with meat). We will only be living in southern Germany for another week and might as well make the most out of it :) Maultaschen can be eaten and cooked in a variety of ways. In soup, on salad, boiled, or fried. Our favorite way to eat maultaschen is fried with egg  mixed in. If you have maultaschen, making this meal is very simple.


Cut your maultaschen into thin slices. He cuts them horizontally to get the maximum number of pieces.


Heat a healthy amount of oil on the stove. 


Once hot, add the maultaschen.


Let brown and stir to make sure all sides are cooked evenly.

While the maultaschen are cooking, beat eggs in a separate bowl or glass. We usually use two eggs, but sometimes we will use three if it is going to be our entire dinner.

Once the maultaschen are good and brown, remove them from the pan and blot with a paper towel to remove additional oil. 

Return to the heat and pour the eggs over the maultaschen. Mix often while letting the egg cook.

Remove from the heat and serve. We like to eat our maultaschen with ketchup, but we are sure some Schwabians would roll their eyes at that :)


  1. *rolls eyes*
    So now you know that at least one Swabian rolled his eyes at the ketchup. ;) (My sister eats them that way, too. It's not that odd.)
    I make this quite often because it's really fast and simple but I don't use any type of sauce or condiment but rather season the egg very strongly. That's the reason why my scrambled eggs are often very colourful and not exactly yellow anymore but more of a brown-ish tone.