Monday, September 24, 2012

One Year of Blogging: Our Top 5 Recipe Picks!

One year ago we started this blog, only a few days after unpacking and getting everything set up in our new apartment. Now, we write this as we sit amongst boxes, preparing to move in just five days.

We have cooked a lot of meals in this apartment, more than we could ever imagine finding time to blog about. That is good news though. It means we have plenty more recipes to share with you and plenty more crazy cultural differences to write about.

To celebrate one year of this blog, we both took the time to look back through all our of recipes and pick out our favorites. Sometimes these are the recipes we make most often, sometimes they are just ones that were really tasty and we wish we could eat again and again. Here are his and her top 5 picks (in no particular order because picking five was hard enough!):

Super Delicious Currywurst

-Filled Zucchini: A classic. Extra crunchy cheese on top makes it even tastier.

-Super Delicious Currywurst: The name says it all...

-Spaghetti Aglio e Olio: Tried it while we were in Italy and we both agree, his version tastes better than what anyone in Italy had to offer. He used to make it every Saturday when he was younger :)... even cold in the early morning, it is amazing!

-Chevapchichi: Spicy and perfect with almost any type of side. Apparently, people agree with us. This is our most googled and clicked on recipe!

-Cheap and Easy Homemade Pizza: Extra crunchy crust = awesomeness :)


-HOT! Beef chili: This meal is so comforting and so quick and easy to make. Especially, delicious when we eat it with our...

-Southern Honey Cornbread recipe (another of her favorites!)

-Better than the Box Mexican Rice: Perfect to accompany any Mexican meal and a great side because you just dump it in the pan and can forget about it. When recipes likes burritos and fajitas have so many parts, it is nice to have one dish you don't have to worry about.

-Cheap and Easy Homemade Pizza: We definitely agree on this one. Why order out when you can make awesome pizza at home with all the toppings you want?

-Sweet Crepes: There is no way this could not make her list. Every American girl's dream is a man who has perfected his crepe-making skills.

-Paprikaschnitzel: Uuuh, there is nothing to say except for delicious!

Southern Honey Cornbread

Want to try one of our favorites? Just click on the name and it will take you right to the recipe.

Thanks for reading this past year. Here's to the next! *clink*

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