Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The World of Schorle

Apfelschorle and other schorle-type drinks seems to be only a German thing. We have never seen it outside of Germany and only the German flight attendants on Air Berlin know what it is and serve it on flights. She was very suspicious of schorle when she first saw it being made in Germany but now she thinks that she would continue to make it sometimes even if she was back in the USA.

Schorle is the German word for spritzer and when you have an apfelschorle you drink a mixture of apple juice and bubbly water (water with gas, haha, makes her laugh every time!). This can be done with drinks other than apple juice. Orange juice is another common favorite in our house.

Everyone has their own perfect ratio of apple juice to water. She likes hers with about equal water to apple juice while he likes his about 2/3 water to 1/3 juice.

Making any type of schorle is extremely easy. Pour the juice into the glass and top with water. She mentioned to him that no Germans ever put the water in first and he responded, Of course! You don't want to lose all the bubbles by pouring the juice in the water. She continues to learn something new everyday in Germany...

You can buy pre-mixed shoreles in Germany but they are often very sweet and high in calories. We recommend you try making your own. It might sound a little strange to water down juice but the result is delicious and refreshing.

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