Monday, October 29, 2012

Mix-Up Monday: Eggs

She went to the store the other day to pick up some eggs and found this...

Now, they might just look like some normal everyday eggs to you, but she hasn't gotten a carton full of white eggs since who knows when - at least a year.

Germany loves their brown eggs and that is okay, the outside color does not change the taste, but she didn't realize how used to brown eggs she has gotten until she was taken by surprise by white eggs. Of course brown and white eggs can be bought in the USA, although she has never gotten brown ones from the grocery store before.  Something she does find a little bit strange (but sensible) is the mixing Germans do. Sometimes, when you buy a carton of eggs in Germany, you get a few white mixed in with the brown. Strange, but an egg is an egg so who cares right?

Apparently she cares, because she could go on and on about the eggs in Germany.

For example:

American (yellow) egg (
In Germany, eggs come in packs of ten not twelve. Reasoning? Who knows?!?

At the grocery store, eggs are not refrigerated in Germany. She runs right home and puts them in the fridge but it seems that some people don't. The eggs even have two use-by dates. One for if you keep your eggs out and one for if you keep them in the fridge. Except for small farmer's markets she has never seen eggs sold outside of the fridge in the USA.

German (orange) egg (

Also, German egg yolks are ORANGE. Like really really orange. Apparently, chickens in Germany are fed Canthaxanthin which makes the egg yolk look bright and healthier. She was pretty shocked about this... isn't the USA supposed to be the country who loves to perfect all their food by adding chemicals? American eggs look pale and sick by comparison, but actually it is because they are not being specially treated. She finds it rather creepy when batter turns orange from the yolks.

-She was inspired to write about eggs this week after making a frittata for dinner to use up soon to expire eggs. Recipe for that is coming soon!-

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