Monday, October 22, 2012

Mix-Up Monday: Shopping Baskets/Einkaufskörbe

Her basket - along with easy grip and zipper :)
We talked about how you have to pay for bags at the supermarket in our Shopping Bags and Checkers entry but we did not discuss the adorable (says she) German shopping baskets. We are not talking about the baskets you get inside the store, for those are exactly the same in Germany and the United States, but we are talking about the medium-sized baskets people bring with them to the store to do their shopping.

From the moment she laid eyes on the German Einkaufskörbe she wanted one. It felt like every German woman had one (and a lot of the men too!). Although they come in a variety of colors, they are all very similar. Solid but collapsible, you can go not only to the supermarket but shopping anywhere with these baskets.

She used to talk about how she would never be a proper "German" girlfriend if she did not have a basket and so, for her past birthday, he got her one. Perhaps as a joke or perhaps it is a hint that she should do more of the shopping :)

She is in love with her cute black German basket. It is handy, stylish (at least it fits in here!), has comfortable handles, and even has a zipper if you want to keep your things out of sight.

Now that we live in a city and walk to the store, she gets a lot of use out of her basket. She even learned from a cute German grandma how to properly carry the basket once it gets heavy (apparently it is all about grabbing the front so your entire arm is taking the pressure).

Would we use a German shopping basket in the USA? Probably not. People in America would probably think we were crazy and have a problem with us putting all of the groceries in a bag or basket before paying. But, for now, as long as we are living in Germany, the basket will get its use and she will fit in as a proper "German."

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