Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Monday started with a typical German Eintopf with 2 breads from the canteen. Due to the cold that I had, I was only able to eat Chinese soup  the following day to try to get my voice back. Still influenced by the same symptoms on Wednesday, I had an entire pack of salvia bonbons, baby tomatoes and lox. Unfortunately, this still did not bring any recovery or my voice back which made me leave on the next day to go home to Frankfurt.

After being being back home, I made spaghetti with vegetables. On the following day I cooked a salad with nachos, ground beef sauce and cremé fraiche. This meal was actually repeated because I wanted to also serve her the deliciousness on the following day. Saturday was filled with noodle salad and picnic snacks while recovering from my flu. On Friday I made pizza dough from scratch which was then formed by her into tasty pizza to have a nearly healthy weekend dinner.

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