Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Monday started with a healthy fish fillet with pepper sauce and potatoes. In terms of being healthy, only about 400 kcal made up 1/5 of my daily food I should eat. I was able to continue with this healthy approach into the next day. I got a grilled salmon with mini potatoes and spinach from the Croatian restaurant close to Cologne, while sitting outside in the sun. Currently we luckily have a heat wave here in Cologne so therefore we can enjoy the very European habit of eating outside in beer gardens. While being pretty busy on Wednesday, I was able to get some good and basic spaghetti from the canteen opposite of our new office environment. 
Did you know that 40 g of uncooked spaghetti will end up in 100 g of cooked spaghetti? - Even more interesting is the fact that spaghetti is full of energy! 100 g = about 150 kcal. This means my meal was equal to about 750 kcal.

Picture by Norbert Wilhelmi
Thursday was homecoming day. We gathered our friends together in Heroes to celebrate the 4th of July for her (the lone American there). I had a delicious spicy burger and french fries. Calories? - Well lets not talk about that... it was the 4th of July after all, wasn't it? ;). A healthier approach on Friday: Tomato mozzarella with salmon rolls on our balcony, enjoying the sun overlooking Frankfurt. She went to the Women's Charity Run in Frankfurt on Saturday and I supported her by making homemade burgers and french fries at our place to feed all the guys and get them ready to cheer for the ladies. What you see here is my version of a burger which made us guys strong to cheer ;).
On Sunday he tried (not for the first time) to make an omelet. After he horribly failed and made the omelet into scrambled egg he served it to her in bed so she could have  a lazy Sunday (perhaps she should stick to the omelet making for now on). Additionally, we got an exciting invitation for Indonesian food from our very good friend. Besides our small present in the form of an apple torte, we had beef (which is called is rendang) and the vegetables mixed called kailan and bok choy (actually this is Chinese but "freestyle" of our very good friend because the vegetables usually are not cooked together. Next week we will be heading to Paris, to enjoy the exiting food of the frog eaters... let's see if we have the courage to try them!

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