Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This week started out with a salad mix, two rolls, salmon and 1/4 of a melon combined with about 500g of grapes. Walking back from the supermarket with this in my bag generated a surprised response from my manager. He said I would never be able to eat that all... I proved him wrong! About 500 kcal later I was full and happy!
Tuesday must have been exiting for our current hotel Frechener Hof. They opened up a new restaurant in the first floor where I had  noodles with chanterelles. Wednesday was homecoming day this week. I surprised her with creme fraiche and lemon pasta with smoked salmon.

The early homecoming brought to me the opportunity to cook a little more this week and this was why I made on the next day my one and only favourite meal Spaghetti Aglio-e-olio supplemented by her addiction: Tomato Mozzarella.
This week ended with a special... we went to Prague and on the way stopped to eat delicious Chinese food in He├čbach , a town in the middle of nowhere (about 156 km away from Munich).
We spent our time in Prague with seven of our friends sampling the delicious Czech beer and food. What you see here is a pan with a variety of meats.
Sunday was spent mainly shopping,  sending cards and taking the free walking tour with Filip ("the most economic way to write the name Filip"... no extra letters). Beside the very good and entertaining tour, we tried a burger at the yes Burger place. Unfortunately the Burger place was pretty disappointing due to the cold fries and a rundown environment. Nevertheless it was cheap and Prague is all over worth a visit! We will share more from our time in Prague, and our previous adventure in Brussels, in upcoming entries.

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