Thursday, December 22, 2011

Choco Crossies (Reindeer Poop)

Using up our chocolate
I don't know why these remind me so much of reindeer poop, I actually have never even seen reindeer poop to compare it to, but when he made choco crossies, reindeer poop was all I could think about.

This recipe is as easy as they come. It is all a great way to use up all that chocolate from your advents calendar that you will never actually eat.

What you need:

- About a 3/2 ratio

Add cornflakes and mix

Melt the chocolate (in the oven or the microwave). Stir in the cornflakes, spoon onto parchment paper (small mounds) and let cool. Finished!

Yeah, when I said easy I meant EASY.

Make some reindeer poop and feel the Christmas spirit!

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