Monday, December 19, 2011

Craft: Santa and Rudolph Spoons

Today, we are going to change it up a little bit and instead of a recipe share a craft. She works part-time as an English teacher while finishing her master's and wanted to test out an idea she had for a lesson this week.  The result were some pretty adorable and Christmas-y plastic Santa and Rudolph spoons. Good for kids of any age (or adults, we had fun too!), she is going to try it with her 5th grade class.

What you need:

Plastic spoons
Googly eyes
Small colored cotton ball noses
Cotton balls (white)
Red and orange or brown paper
Black marker


Fold red paper in half and cut out a triangle (there needs to be an opening on the bottom of the triangle so you can glue it to the spoon).

Pull apart the white cotton ball so it looks like fluff. Glue to the bottom of the red triangle which will be later glued to the top of the spoon.  Fold over the tip of the hat so it looks like the top of the hat is falling down. Use a small piece of cotton for the end of Santa's hat.

Glue the hat to the top of the spoon (surround the spoon so both the back and the front is glued)

Add two eyes, a nose for Santa and draw a mouth.

Take more white cotton, pull apart, and add below the mouth to make a beard.



Glue on two eyes and a red cotton ball for Rudolph's famous nose.

Use brown or orange paper to cut out antlers. Fold the paper in half and then cut so that both antlers look the same.

Glue the antlers onto the back of the spoon.

Add a mouth and ta-da. Easy peasy.

Using these supplies you could easily make Rudolph's reindeer friends and a Mrs. Santa.

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