Saturday, December 10, 2011

Quick Potato Soup

We are trying to be good about what we eat, but that doesn't stop us from wanting tasty and filling food. This potato soup is super easy and quick to make, all while being extremely satisfying and filling. In the past week we have made it twice. Once we ate it with wurst and the other time we ate it with a Croatian dish called Chevapchichi. Even if you eat this soup plain, you won't be disappointed. That is how we had the leftovers and it was just as good as the first night!
Served with chevapchichi

For this potato soup you need:

5 large potatoes
1 onion, diced
1 L vegetable broth
~1 tsp oil
Pepper, salt, parsley, marjoram, oregano, rosemary
Red pepper flakes if you like it spicy

First, cook onions

Cook the onions with the oil over medium heat until soft. Do this in a big pot which you can later cook the soup in.

                                                Add the vegetable broth. 

Cut the potatoes into medium chunks. For this soup we do not even bother to peel the potatoes, you can't taste the skin and it gives the soup a nice brown color.

Add potatoes to the vegetable broth and let them boil about 20 minutes or until they are super soft.

Add the seasonings such as pepper, salt, 2 Tbs marjoram, 3/4 Tbs parsley and if you would like, red pepper flakes. Also add a few shakes of oregano and rosemary. Let soup cook for another minute.


Take the pot off the heat and blend. We have a hand blender which seems to be easier than pouring all of the potatoes into a blender. If the soup is too thick don't be scared to add a liitle bit of water. Blend again.

Served with wurst, toast pieces and creme fraiche

Serve with bread and if you would like, some type of meat. In Germany it is common to eat potato soup with sausage and a little bit of creme fraiche on top.


  1. I like to use half milk half veggie broth for a creamier soup.

  2. That sounds like a good idea. Does it matter what type of milk you use or does non-fat work just as well as whole milk?