Friday, August 24, 2012

Easy (and Cheap!) Popcorn at Home

Microwavable popcorn from a store bought bag is expensive and unhealthy, full of salt, butter and chemicals. Make a healthier and much much much cheaper snack by making your own popcorn at home. For 99 cents we can buy a large bag of popcorn kernels and make many bowls of popcorn. At the store, a one time use bag of popcorn is the same price!

All you need to make your own popcorn (he didn't believe me at first but now he is a big fan of this method) is:

Plain popcorn kernels
A brown paper bag
A microwave

Pour kernels into the bag - a little makes a lot so don't go crazy!
Make sure to fold over the bag so it does not all pop out.


Microwave on high. Set the clock for five minutes but keep a watch on the popping. As soon as there is about a five second pause between pops you know it is mostly done.

To get the maximum amount of popcorn out of the kernels, we often pour out the popcorn once a lot is popped and put the unpopped kernels back in the microwave for a bit longer.

Eat plain or just with salt (almost a zero calorie snack!) or melt a little butter and pour over the popcorn.

Sweet popcorn is very popular in Germany which you can get by sprinkling a bit of white sugar over the popped corn.

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