Monday, August 13, 2012

Holiday in the Alps

Instead of a mix-up Monday this week she thought she would share a few pictures from her short vacation last week. While he is away working hard, she accepted an offer to spend a few days on a farm up in the Alps. Every summer, thousands of dairy cows are released into the Alm (the gassy areas of the Alps) and are used to make cheese and butter that is later sold to tourists and locals alike.

During our four days...

We played with...





                  and especially cows

               We stacked wood



  Went hiking


Well, it was more like casual walking

Learned about milking,

 making butter,



 and making cheese


lots of making cheese!

We also ate lots and lots of cheese with every meal

 A very beautiful and relaxing holiday. Nothing quite like waking up to these bells every morning...

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