Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

It's time again for the weekly Tuesday Tales - 41 weeks to go :).
This weeks article is partly from the Netherlands and partly from Bulgaria.
It seems the week was not only split into two countries but also two main food topics. The Netherlands was influenced by seafood and Bulgaria was heavy on meat.
Monday was shrimp salad day. It is always entertaining to go into supermarkets in different countries, so I went and had a look for "ready"-fresh food. It seems that the Netherlands is very advanced in this area. One can choose from a variety of fresh salads with fish, meat or any kind of vegetable, to wraps and noodle salads and "homemade" cakes. The whole bandwidth of food a consultant is craving for while traveling :).

Tuesday  continued with fish. This time raw salmon with vegetables and some rolls which made up a light lunch. This trend continued on Wednesday when I had a smoked salmon with salad and cocktail sauce from the local (Swedish) furniture store...haha, you can guess where that was! We were actually used as guinea pigs and "had" to try this meal as one of the first customers. We were even asked to fill out a form to rate it. Five out of five (yes, it was that good!).

I drove home on Thursday and arrived just two hours before going to Frankfurt Hahn for an Easter weekend get away (Friday and Monday were public holidays in Germany). For this reason we had some (delicious) takeout sushi from our local neighborhood delivery guys. Including her favorite egg things (brown egg packets of rice) that I don't know the name of.
After our flight to Bulgaria on Friday morning and a full day of looking at the city of Sofia, we ended up in a local restaurant eating this delicious appetizer. It was some kind of carpaccio but not - well, it was delicious and the amazing Bulgarian wine supported the taste even more.
After the free Sofia walking tour, which we really enjoyed, we ended up in a restaurant called Fancy. She ordered a nacho/taco starter of eggplant pieces and received this impressive tower which was built with crispy slices alternated with a cold vegetable filling. Only his marinaded duck hearts could top this (but they looked way less impressive than this edible artwork).
On our last day in Sofia we followed the advice of a colleague of hers and visited a local known restaurant to try different foods. We had various sauces with meat filled with cheese which was really good. This was only topped by her desert at night which was a souffle filled with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I don't want to give away all of the tasty food adventures we had in Sofia because we will write all about the different types of food we had in one of our following entries. So stay tuned and keep on following our weekly entries.

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