Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Source: http://www.potjebier.nl/bier.asp?action=view&id=867

A turbulent working week in the Netherlands is over and here is what I had to eat:
Monday was enriched with another club sandwich with chips. The entertaining part here was not the food but the beer I had during the meal. The beer is called wieckse which is in German a pretty bad word and made us laugh. Curious what it means? - Translate wichse from German into English :).

My last meals in the Netherlands were a hotdog with two sausages on Tuesday and some salad with egg on Wednesday. After driving to Frankfurt home early this week I cooked for her and myself an awesome Schnitzel with Spätzle and mushroom sauce on Thursday.

We invited all our friends to watch a 3D movie on Friday night. For that we made homemade pizza and nachos with cheese. On top some sweet and spicy tomato sauce and topped off with some Crème fraîche.

Just before going out to our billiard night on Saturday we made one of my favorite meals. Spaghetti Aglio Olio with baguette and shrimps. Unfortunately, the garlic smell did not help us win too much but we did get taught how to throw darts properly. Our Australien friend showed us the hadouken way of dart throwing. I think we had some extra power due to our garlic Aglio Olio breath...

Sunday was experimental day which meant that we made some empanadas with a rice and ground beef filling. We first tasted these pockets with raspberry wine in Bulgaria. If you ever travel to Sofia, make sure to visit the Apartment Bar which offers the pockets with some tasty wine and a very good atmosphere. Our recipe will follow soon!

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