Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This week Monday started up with a sandwich and salad. I bought these due to the reason that I have already tried nearly every meal here in the hotel we have been staying in.

Tuesday was burger day. I had a delicious beef burger with fried onions and little glasses of ketchup and mayonaise. Pretty silly in my eyes to give guests such a tiny amount in such a little glass - let's hope they refill it :D.

We went to a little restaurant in Best on Wednesday. I had mushroom pasta which was not really worth taking a picture of. Instead, I want to show you this traditional dutch shoe which is called Klompen. Inside you see some mints. After overcoming the fear of the look (they looked like urinal cakes) we tried them.

Thursday was "try something new" day. I had some m&ms which tasted like carrot cake. Not a lot to talk about because they did not really taste good. But this might be due to my love for real carrot cake... I get one every year for my birthday so this is really not easy to please me with an artificial carrot cake taste.

Friday was Spaghetti day at home. Some vegetables and tomatoe sauce makes a good and tasty dinner.

We got invited to a birthday on Saturday. Here you see the Italien buffet we arrived to. Really good and tasty!

Sunday ended with takeout sushi after  long drive back to Frankfurt from my hometown Stuttgart.

Not the most exciting week when it comes from food. I guess even the Netherlands gets boring when you have been in the same town over and over again for some weeks!

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