Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This Monday started out with a more healthy approach. The plan we started is to go jogging every second day to prepare her for a charity run. I will also go jogging to support her and also watch what is on our menu... which is not really difficult due to my Tuesday Tales anyway :). Here it started in the canteen: I had fish with tomato and onion sauce and potatoes which equals about 38% (~600 kcal) of the food I should eat within one day.
My day was made on Tuesday with this amazing sausage and mustard on a roll. We have a nice lady coming over in our office complex, delivering sandwiches and a small selection of warm food. Well, healthy is different... the sausage with roll made up exactly the same amount of calories as the food on Monday (~620 kcal). On Wednesday I tried a cooked fish filet with fennel and rice in the canteen. I was very confused because I actually enjoyed the fennel, even though I must have hated it in my childhood because the word fennel still raises my hackles (~400 kcal here makes me enjoy it even more ;)).

On Thursday we had a late night in the office with the CIO and my partner so here it is, one part of our evening meal, noodles from the Chinese place. Also enjoyed, but not visible, was beer and pizza from my favourite local pizza place. I think it is time for the pizza place owner to make us a "project pizza"... I should ask him soon!
Homecoming day was on Friday this time. We had sushi in the evening which made up only 25% of the daily food I should eat.
While shopping on Saturday for shoes and clothes, we came across some udon noodle packages. Having in mind the amazing taste of our local Chinese/Thai place, we decided to make the udon soup ourselves. Here it is the result which will soon follow as a recipe for you to make (1 liter of soup which was very filling for the whole night made up 22,5% of the daily food I should eat)
Sunday night was fish-stick sandwich night (not recommended for healthy eating but sometimes you just have to eat something tasty! = 600 kcal).

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