Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Tastes of Prague, Czech Republic

When we went to Brussels with six of our friends we said that eight people on vacation together was enough...

Well, somehow we found ourselves hitting the road and driving to Prague with nine people one month later. We guess getting eight people to agree on what to see and eat was not challenging enough.

We had a short three days in the land of cheap beer and beautiful bridges. We walked and walked and walked, only to be broken up by the occasional meal and drink.

Here are a few of the tasty things we enjoyed:

Goulash soup in a bread bowl (closest we have seen to the SF treat - clam chowder in a bread bowl)

Trdelnik - A traditional rolled pastry found in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can choose if you want it plain or rolled in sugar, nuts, or another topping. We got Nutella with ours which made a huge mess everywhere. The mess was worth the deliciousness though!

We purchased our Trdelnik at this cute stand with an adorable woman wearing a funny hat. 

We went to a traditional Czech restaurant one night for dinner. They had meat, meat and more meat to choose from. She had a meal with beef, two types of dumplings, and a type of kraut.

He had a grilled meat platter with sausage, ribs, pork and a cob of corn.

Both meals were so good that we couldn't help but share with each other.

Of course during our three days in Prague we also drank a lot of beer. Dark, light, medium...we tried it all!

Notice that both of these pictures were taken after the drinking had started???

We just could not wait to take a picture before taking a taste!

When in Prague you also have to try at least one shot of Absinthe.

A little scary when it comes in a glass so large!

Not every drink we had included alcohol. At one bar she got a delicious fresh lemonade with large chunks of lemon included (and ice - almost impossible to find in Germany!)

We also tried some non-Czech food. For example, delicious nachos at Burrito Loco, a restaurant recommended to her by a an American she knows who has been living in Prague for years.

The nachos were great and we wish we had enough space in our tummies to try the burritos.

For the burger lover in our group of friends we stopped at Yes burger, the highest rated Burger place in Prague on Trip Advisor.

Although very cheap, we were not at all impressed.

The burgers were huge though!

The trip was another giant success. Perhaps next time we will try out a new place with ten people?!?!?

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