Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant. The last two weeks were really busy. Here now is a combined version of the Tuesday Tales. Beside other tasks, I was on my way to Belgium last week and not able to write. Nevertheless, I brought tasty pictures about the food I had during these busy times of project work and workshop preparations for my European project.
Monday started with a typical German potato soup with a huge sausage. Clearly something my Dutch colleagues were able to laugh about. Tuesday continued with another German meal: two Schnitzel with potatoes made my evening perfect.
I had German Knödel with Hackbraten on Wednesday. My Dutch colleague was wondering because he thought that the Knödel was a potato. I guess dumplings are not very common in the Netherlands. After going to Frankfurt on Thursday, we ate fish stick rolls followed by tasty Chinese food on Friday. Due to a Nancy Drew competition (Germany against America) on Saturday and Sunday, we ate a lot of junk food while competing with her sister and her sister's husband. Unfortunately we were about 1,5 hours slower than our opponents while solving the mystery game in an 48 hour marathon.

The week after started right away with as much work and the outlook to visit the new project location in Belgium. Monday started with a Caesars salad followed by pasta on Tuesday. On the same day, we ordered 8 pizzas for our team leads while they discussed the current planning approach and finalized our September workshops. Late night (or early morning) we were arriving in Belgium drinking tasty Kwak beer upon arrival. 
As with other Belgian beers, Kwak has a branded glass with its own distinctive shape. While drinking from the glass, the bulb at the bottom will remain filled for a relatively long time. As soon as air reaches the still-filled bulb, a large amount of beer will gush towards the drinker. This is accompanied by a characteristic sound which sounds like Kwak spoken quickly.
We had typical lunch: sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise. Thursday was accompanied by homemade Chinese food from her and the last left overs from our Nancy Drew session the week before. On Saturday I had my favourite meal: Spaghetti Aglio e Olio. 
Beside eating all you can eat buffet brunch with our friends on Sunday morning, I made Okonomiyaki which prepared me for a short week with two days holiday :).

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  1. I found this blog by accident and am extremely glad I did! As an American girl living in Germany with her German husband, I can't help but notice a small similarity! Can't wait to try this recipe tomorrow night.