Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This crazy week full of work in Frechen started out with a potato soup and a sausage on Monday. We prepared team plannings with our team leaders for the further project approach including several workshops and moving to Belgium soon. Late at night on Tuesday, we found time to go to the Italian restaurant. Here we enjoyed a pizza which was also accompanied by delicious pizza bread. The next day continued with 16 1/2 hours of work (yes, 16!) and we helped ourselves to a take out sushi order directly brought from Cologne. Unfortunately, most of the sushi contained only very little fish and had a lot of vegetables inside. Well, the profit margin for the delivery restaurant must have been over the top for that evening ;).
Thursday late, I traveled back to Frankfurt. Here, I was given a delicious sandwich prepared by her to relax and to prepare me for the next day in the home office. Due to this, Friday was only little time regarding food because she was writing her encyclopedia articles while he recovered from a day on the phone supporting the team leads during their planning. A quick and easy curry sausage was the solution which was prepared by him to have extra time to work. Saturday, after a very relaxing day in the outside swimming pool, we prepared noodles from scratch with a shrimp sauce. The recipe will follow very soon. Sunday was started with a perfect round American pancakes made by her to give a start into a relaxing and easy day.

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