Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Welcome to the Tuesday Tales from Belgium this week. I received a lovely mini cooper and drove to Temse which is close to Antwerpen and enjoyed a "cheap" (10 Euro) asparagus pasta with cheese sauce out of the microwave. Well, what to expect in an Ibis Hotel in Sint Niklaas... ;). On Tuesday I was forced to enjoy another meal made by the lovely kitchen in our hotel. I tried to find a supermarket that was open at a quarter to eight but did not succeed. After a lovely walk trough a humongous deserted shopping mall, I gave up and chose to eat the food in the hotel. The pizza was pretty OK, even if it was clearly made by putting a cheap frozen pizza into the oven (another 10 Euro here... - Ibis hotels must have a good margin selling 35 cent pizza for 10 Euro :) ). Wednesday was more delightful. 
We went to a little restaurant where I had a mixed fish platter which was very tasty. Another type of fish (tuna) the next day in the canteen of the customer. Served with sauce and a scoop of mashed potato, it was not so bad. The sauce was sour, but I'm not sure if that was on purpose or just by accident. On Friday I drove back home to Frankfurt and that night we were invited to a farewell party of one of her colleagues. We tasted, beside many other delicious things, these pancakes filled with vegetables. Pancakes made without any egg - worth a try! Saturday was not as exciting regarding food but we went to the flea market and bought hot chocolate. The best thing while looking for old crap which nobody needs while it rains! Our Sunday was very busy this weekend. We started out with fresh popovers which gave us energy to explore a newly opened mall that was open on Sunday. Yes, you heard right: open on Sunday... This is really special "shopping Sunday" in Frankfurt and something we had to take advantage of.  We actually did not buy anything but food at the mall but we made our purchases count. First we had burritos at Chipotle (an American chain that just opened in Frankfurt) and then we had frozen yogurt which we could to pour and top ourselves. This is a big trend in the USA but is just coming to Germany. Afterwards we got some exercise by playing laser tag and ended this awesome day with delivered sushi for a very late dinner. Definitely not a typical German Sunday this week!

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