Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tales! Unfortunately, I have to run my online life currently trough a Ubuntu stick because the hard disk of my laptop completely gave up now... that is the reason for again combining two weeks in one.
Here are my food pictures of the last two weeks:
Starting with the bottom right picture on Monday, I had a Nussschnecke (very delicious for breakfast or dessert) from the local bakery. The next day, Tuesday, was also very typical German and included a meal of Sauerkraut, meat and mashed potatoes. This week was nice and short and I had taken holiday on Thursday and Friday and therefore I was already able to leave to go home to Frankfurt on Wednesday evening. While waiting for a delayed train in Cologne, I figured that in the Deutsche Bahn first class lounge you are able to get everything for free (including Weizen). Hence I ordered one (still somehow expecting that I have to pay). A very enjoyed way to start the first evening of my days off and the delayed train turned into a very useful discovery I plan to use again some time! On Thursday, I visited her at the airport for lunch where we had all you can eat sushi. The benefits of time off! On Friday we enjoyed homemade Kaesespaetzle and Saturday was a lazy weekend day so I had take-out Thai food.

The following week started with a rucola and Parmesan cheese pizza from the usual Italian place in Frechen. I had a chicken and rice lunch on Tuesday which is not very exciting to write about. Her birthday was on Wednesday and I was able to travel back to Frankfurt to surprise her. She had dinner with all our friends and I was able to join only a little after it started. Chicken fingers was my chosen meal. Not very much compared to the birthday girl who got all she could eat and drink for free from the restaurant. On Thursday she made macaroni with cheese, sausage and (of course, the one and only vegetables for Americans...) broccoli >:D. The mac and cheese recipe will definitely be getting blogged about soon. Aglio Olio was served by me on Friday (a safe choice on Fridays and Saturdays when we do not have to work the next day = lots of garlic) followed by sandwiches and take out Thai food on Sunday (two separate meals of course!).

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