Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This very short work week started with a very tasty and new meal from the hotel we were staying in. Pork with cheese sauce and fried potatoes. On the next day on the menu was pizza with a little spiciness from my local Cologne pizza dealer. Wednesday, after coming home early (Thursday was a holiday in Germany), I got prepared to enjoy the our long weekend in Warsaw. To start this, I made Schnitzel which I found in the freezer. She had prepared the Schnitzel quite some time ago and I was able to put it in boiling oil to make it into a delicious crunchy awesomeness. Together with green beans a very pleasant meal. I can guarantee you it is worth it: freeze your Schnitzel and enjoy it later (especially if you weren't the one who had to do the work to coat the Schnitzel ;)

We rented a car on Thursday and visited my parents in Stuttgart (Southern Germany) and I was surprised with my favourite cake. Ta-da! Carrot cake just the way the Canadians make it. Most delicious thing ever if you ask me...
After visiting my parents, we traveled back to Frankfurt to the airport to fly off to Warsaw and visit a friend and test the food and see the different sites of Warsaw. We were not disappointed! Our friend took us for 7 hours around Warsaw and showed us many many different foods and sites... I chose just one weird meal we tried to show you: veal kidney on Challah bread. Worth a try but I will not eat it again ;). On Saturday night we enjoyed Hungarian food (yes, in Poland!) We had a mix of little noodles, filled pickles and some veal and pork mixes. A more detailed food description will follow here soon when we blog about the tastes of Warsaw. Sunday was poor mans food - our fridge was empty from being away so we made pasta with leftover sausage and tomato sauce :).

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