Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Just before experiencing the city of Warsaw and the Polish food next week, I had an educational and international food mix week. Starting with a Hungarian meal on Monday (Goulash (Hungarian: gulyás) and followed by a Caesar salad on Tuesday which is generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who operated restaurants in Mexico and the United States. So technically, Caesar salad is a kind of Tex Mex food :). Wednesday was curry day which could be interpreted as Indian. Even though it had more the standard canteen flavour to it then the spicy Indian flavor.
The next days were characterized by unhealthy food in form of onion rings and nacho chips which were served with tasty beans and ground beef. Further we tried a new meatball recipe (meatball subs) which you can find here. For her birthday a month ago our friends gave her a present to learn how to prepare sushi. Because our friends were awesome and bought a couple course, I was also able to learn how to roll  makis, cut sashimi and enjoy it with cucumber. We even got a private lesson because the other participants did not show up (more food for us - yey!). End of story was that we were full of tasty self made sushi and a fridge which would last for a week worth of sushi. Her colleagues were enjoying the free food this week. Perfect start for a short week which ends already on Wednesday and leads to our trip to Poland!

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