Thursday, January 24, 2013

Her Addiction: Tomato Mozzarella

He let is slip in his in his last Tuesday Tales entry. She is completely and utterly addicted to tomato mozzarella. She could eat it every single day, and often does, until he makes her change it up a bit.

This might not be the fancy Italian restaurant version, but after months of eating tons of tomato mozzarella, she knows what she likes. Try it, and then make the changes you need to find your own perfect version.

For one (enough to fill you up for lunch or dinner):

2 tomatoes (if they are tiny use three)
1/3 - 1/2 of a mozzarella ball*
oil, balsamic, basil, oregano, tomato salt, garlic seasoning
 2-3 rolls for dipping

* We use cheap mozzarella made from cow's milk. A large ball of this (enough to make tomato mozzarella two to three times) is only 45 cents in Germany. Sometimes she uses the low fat version of this. It is not nearly as good but when she eats this all the time it is much healthier. Last week we went to a market hall here in Frankfurt and bought real buffalo mozzarella. It was very expensive and we felt that the quality did not make up for the price. Since we do not use expensive oil or balsamic, why waste expensive cheese?

If you use rolls that you have to bake like we do, start them in the oven before you start on the tomato mozzarella part.

Slice your tomatoes and lay them out on a plate. Add the cheese on top. She used to slice the cheese and lay it out all pretty like a restaurant would, but to save time and because it tastes better (says both of us) now we just crumble the cheese over the tomatoes. 

Season with mozzarella-tomato salt (an amazing seasoning here in Germany and hopefully in the USA.) If you do not have this you will need to play around with what tastes good to you. A lot of people like fresh pepper but she does not. She also uses a little dried oregano, basil, and garlic seasoning.

Add oil and balsamic. We have used nice oils and vinegar from Italy and we have used the cheapest stuff at the store. Yes, there is a difference but since she eats this so often she is very used to, and likes, the cheap stuff. (We know, all you foodies out there are rolling your eyes!)

She used to measure the oil and balsamic but now she does it by feel. About two seconds of pouring for the oil and almost four seconds for the balsamic make the perfect mixture for her, with enough leftover to dip the rolls into.

Sometimes we have fresh basil (like this time when she took pictures) and put that on top. Although full leaves look prettier, the taste is stronger if you rip them into small pieces.

Serve with fresh warm bread and enjoy. Yum yum yum, soooooo good :)

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