Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

A new year started and he got a new job with a consulting company traveling around in Germany and Europe.

Consulting? What does this mean for a food blog? Well, he has to travel a lot, sleep in "fancy" hotels and eat tasty, weird or sometimes horrible food from lots of different places. Further, adventures connected to the food acquisition every day might be worth some comments and will hopefully entertain you in the future.
Look forward to stories about eating the best "Woscht" in town in Berlin (slang for sausage) , drinking a "Kölsch" (beer) in Cologne or just have some "Käsespätzle" in Stuttgart (see our blog).
Everyday will bring new food sights and interesting thoughts (if good or bad will be the surprise). Be entertained, interested and follow us. He will upload his daily food weekly and let you know how it was.

On Tuesday our friends were over to celebrate the new year and we had some very tasty Single Malt Scotch Whisky from 1972. Well, I did not pay the bottle (thankfully) and so it was a very good replacement for a meal on New Year's (very early) night/morning. We also had lots of Raclette (traditional German New Year's Eve meal) but due to the reason that it was not 2013 yet, I am not allowed to use it :P
On the next picture below you can see a good old German "Eintopf". Basically everything you find in a kitchen (potato, carrots, onions and herbs) mixed together and cooked. Together with a Bockwurst a pretty decent meal at the customer's canteen I work for right now (for about 3 € really mjummy).
Next is a so-called potato pizza. At first I did not expect this but it tasted really great. We went to a Best Western hotel and enclosed was a potato restaurant only serving food with potato ingredients. So tada: potato with vegetables, crusty cheese and mushrooms a delicious but also pretty pricy dinner for a fancy made potatoe.
The following day was a long work day. I wanted some chinese food but, because I am in a hotel outside of Cologne right now, the Chinese food took about an hour to get to me. Well the salad was disappointing (iceberg lettuce - there is a reason why Jamie Oliver shoots iceberg lettuce! - its just water in a harder form...)  but the stir fry was really good. I ordered the Wan Tans only to get over the magical border of 15 Euros (you had to order that much, otherwise they would not deliver so far out of Cologne).
The next two meals were selfmade. We made some typical American breakfast for dinner (11 o'clock on a Sunday night ;) and the noodles will be in the blog soon as a recipe. :). Lets see what the coming week brings. More food from weird places with even more entertaining background stories, I hope :).

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