Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Hello to week 2 of Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant. I hope you are eager already to see what I had this week and how my week went while working on site at the clients office. It is snowing right now and we are kind of stuck to the very few restaurants around us.
On Monday, we went to a place called Ratskeller which is basically a very (very very) basic restaurant led by the owners (I guess). Cologne optimist at its finest :) which is also reflected in the food. If you ever end up in Frechen go there and have a look at the nicely prepared food which was just seconds ago still frozen. I guess the owner never learned really to cook - so he makes some potato croquettes, puts meat into a pan and drowns it in white sauce which I can't identify. Well, the food was paid by my boss so I guess I should not complain ;).
Next was Tuesday - Taiwanese takeout. Very good food and plenty to eat. I had some spicy chicken which I don't remember the name of. Nice part was that the hotel ordered it for us and prepared a really nice looking festive table... Well the food still came in boxes and we were too lazy to use the plates.
On Wednesday, I had some noodle salad from the bakery around the corner. It is basically cooked noodles with a joghurt/mayonnaise sauce and vegetables. Together with a roll a very decent lunch.

Thursday, I had a tuna sandwich and a Nussecke. A Nussecke is very tasty sweet piece made of nuts, chocolate and unhealthy ingredients. Just the right thing after a long meeting day.
This week I was lucky and was able to drive home to Frankfurt on Thursday night. This meant we were able to cook at home on Friday. We cooked some noodles with a special sauce. Hopefully, not to let the future blog entry be spoiled by now...
On Saturday, we had a lazy morning, followed by a short visit on the Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt. We got some very tasty Baklava. Pretty expensive but really worth it. I think we should try to make this ourselves.
Finally, on Sunday we made some lasagne, salad with joghurt lemon dressing and self-made garlic bread.
I hope you enjoy your week, too. Don't work too much and enjoy your good food :)


  1. The baklava is one of my favorite desserts,but is a bit pricey. I want to taste Nussecken and whit chocolate covered sounds great!!

  2. You will have to take a trip to Germany someday to try them :)