Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Week three! Wow – time flies! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to put nasty Monday behind you. Here it is, the daily food of a consultant already in week three.
Monday was minted by the lovely Burger King at night… after a long working day we decided to get some unhealthy food which was for me a menu containing a long chicken sandwich, a salad and some mineral water. Well, at least I didn’t order a so called extra large menu with a diet coke :). I wanted to take a picture of the unhealthy food but then decided to save you from the unhealthy fast food image… - It does not look that nice in reality anyway.
Next picture contains my typical breakfast. Yes, exactly! It is totally the opposite of Monday night at Burger King. This is my very healthy fruit salad which accompanies me every morning after waking up at 6:40. I still want to show you what I had for „real“ food at night, so here is a second picture from Tuesday. We went to a Croatian restaurant and I ordered a „Grillteller“ with many types of meat together with some potatoes and vegetables. This was actually really tasty and, beside my favourite pizza place, the best food I've had in Frechen up until now.
On Wednesday, we went to an Italian place on the border to Cologne. I chose a small Rumpsteak with „bratkartoffeln“ and mushrooms. This was accompanied by a Weizenbier (wheat beer), not a typical Köllsch drink.

On Thursday, I went to my favorite pizza place in Frechen. It is run by the owner who is a very nice old guy who is constantly singing and in a good mood – I hope I will be this happy when I am old haha.. The pizza place is called Bella Italia – If you ever drive through Frechen – this is the best place to go for Italian food. I had this time a prosciutto, Parmesan and arugula pizza.
Friday was driving home day. We had green beans with chicken and potatoes. The recipe – as usual when we cook ourselves – will be soon in our blog.
Saturday was kind of a weird day regarding food. We planned to go out for some Udon soup at the local Chinese/Thai/Japanese place – but due to changed opening times after New Year's Eve it was closed. Instead we wandered around and looked for some tasty food and came across a Greek stand which sells spreads made of aubergine (eggplant), paprika (bell pepper) and sheep cheese. Accompanied with a pita bread we were able to have the first part of the meal. We  also made a small tomato mozzarella salad (she is crazy about it and eats it everyday anyways :P) and some easy ready made tomato soup out of a pack. Even though we don’t like ready made food – there is just no cheaper way of making tomato soup in Germany.
On Sunday we made some homemade made soup. I gathered lots of leftover ingredients from our fridge (mushrooms, onions, potatoes, carrots, hot peppers) and combined it to make a spicy vegetable soup. Together with two sandwiches, it was the perfect lazy Sunday lunch.

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