Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This week started out with a lot of work. We had a project kick-off meeting with about 100 people in a stadium which we rented in Aachen. This kick-off had to be organized and looked after, which in turn, had a lot of influence on what I ate this week.

On Monday, we worked about 18 hours which resulted in a massive Chinese take-out food session. We ordered 5 bags of crab crisps, 4 x 6 Spring rolls, 1 Salad :), 1 buddhist meal, 1 x noodles with egg and veggies, 3 x chicken sticks, 1 x chicken with orange sauce, 2 x duck and veggies, and 4 x coke... well considering the fact that we were only 7 people, this was slightly too much ;).

On Tuesday, I went with my colleagues to a canteen that was close by and served a kind of potato bake. Unfortunately, not really tasty due to the huge amount of cheesy oil within the dish.

The first day of our project kick-off meeting was on Wednesday. This meant that we had a massive buffet, twice a day, which we could eat from. Here I decided to get "Fleischkäse," mashed potato, Sauerkraut and some healthy broccoli pieces.

At the buffet on Thursday, I decided to get some of a salmon noodle dish which turned out really tasty. I think we should try to make this ourselves soon. The green stuff on the plate was unfortunately to me not very tasty. I think it contained, beside the spinach, some  blue moldy cheese, which offended my taste buds :P.... No, seriously I really don't like blue mold cheese haha.

The kick off was finished on Thursday and due to the fact that we had already completed a 40 hour week by Tuesday night, Friday was got to be a home office day. Here I was of course  influenced by my lovely lady's addiction of tomato mozzarella (see post). Always tasty and convenient.

On Saturday, we went to the shopping mall MyZeil in Frankfurt and had a Chinese buffet. For 9,80 you would not think to get high quality, but, I have to say it was really worth the money. We were able to choose what we realy liked and had even the opportunity to get his favorite cake "Bienenstich."

On Sunday, we were invited to a brunch which was held in a little cafe in Frankfurt. We ate a mix of English and French breakfast while chatting with people from all over the world.

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