Friday, March 15, 2013

Soup Bread Bowl

Turn soup from boring to entertaining by serving it in a soup bread bowl!

We had company over last weekend and wanted to serve something simple that could be made ahead of time. What we decided on was salad, chevapchichi, and potato soup.

By itself this seemed pretty boring, but we got an idea from when we were in San Francisco two years ago and served the soup in a bread bowl.

This time we bought the bread, but next time we want to try to make our own. Either way, once you have your large loaf of bread (circle shape), it is not hard to make a bread bowl.

Any type of bread should work. SF is famous for using sourdough but because we were buying on a Sunday morning in Germany the choices were limited (more than limited, this or nothing). We ended up with a whole grain bread. It went pretty well with the soup but was definitely not something we would choose again.

Making a soup bread bowl:

Cut the top off the loaf. This lets you get into the bread to scope out the inside and  while also giving you a nice lid to serve with the soup.

Scope out the inside of the bread. Save this! We saved ours and the next day made knödel from it. Make sure to be careful when scoping out the inside. You want to leave a thick enough boarder that you do not break through the crust and if it is too thin the soup will soak through.

Use a brush and brush olive oil all around the inside of your soup bowl. We don't know if this really does make a difference but we heard that if you brush on olive oil and then cook the bowl for a bit, the bowl becomes "sealed." We did this and we can say that our soup did not come close to leaking out of the bowl.

~`We did the previous steps early and then waited until about 15 minutes before we were going to serve the soup to actually warm it up.~

On 175 C (350 F), cook the bread bowl for 15 minutes. This will "seal" the bread bowl because of the olive oil and also make it much more tasty to eat with the soup.

Add the soup and serve! It is sure to get the attention of your guests :)

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