Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

It is time again for the Tuesday Tales. First scary tale comes from a local fast food establishment in Frechen. I had so-called "Broccoli Noodles" which were 99.9% white, not to be defined but maybe, cheese sauce, with noodles and 00.1% Broccoli.  Literally the broccoli you can see on the picture (or not see) was the only piece in the whole meal. Well the luck of Monday at its finest :).
Very enjoyable was Tuesday. I enjoyed the taste of a Ruccola and Parmesan Pizza.
Wednesday enriched my day with this spicy hotpot including packed noodles and good sausages.

Thursday and Friday look kind of boring this week. All just because I forgot the yummy pictures of the meals I made at home. So the Schnitzel and the Semmelknödel had to make way for the rolls in the office and my salmon roll. Go me for making pictures of every meal I eat... I should just remember them next time :)
On Saturday we cooked our yummy lemon pasta with smoked salmon (the rest I had from Thursday - home office day). Please find the recipe here:
Sunday was eating out day with friends and planning of our Kenya holiday trip. We went to a local Chinese place in Frankfurt and ordered, thanks to our Chinese/Japanese professional friends, in style and awesome food. I chose one of the six meals we got - sizzeling sea food in a pot - as a final ending of this week.

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