Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

There are many names for what I had on Monday this week. In some areas of Germany it is called "Bulette" (e.g. the area my boss is from) or Klops, Fleischpflanzerl, Fleischküchle (Swabian - so where I am from), Hacktätschli, Beefsteak, Brisolette or Fleischlaiberl. Basically, it is a type of meatball. I had this together with some decent noodle salad and very good ketchup (mmmh Heinz - as she would say).

Tuesday was enriched by a very traditional meal: Hackbraten with potato dumplings and red cabbage.

No picture on Wednesday but instead a lonely candle... which actually lit up an awesome and tasty pizza. The residual current operated circuit breaker went off when I greeted my favorite pizza man on Wednesday. Unfortunately when I entered the pizzeria, the power went out and I had to order in the dark and got only a  drink. I tired to help the pizza man fix the power by circeling the circuit to one located in the kitchen and after about 30 minutes he was finally able to use the oven again to bake me some awesome pizza. In the end he even gave me some free Grappa. Sometimes it really pays to stay longer ;).

I came home early on Thursday and prepared some Käsespätzle for her with a mixed field salad.

We were very happy on Friday because her colleagues, which traveled recently to Texas, brought us back some beloved and missed Cholula sauce from America. Together we enjoyed the sauce with a delicious takeout pizza - the perfect dinner before preparing for going out on a Friday night.

On Saturday I did not have any interesting food so I decided to show you our experiment. We tried to plant some hot pepper seeds - lets see if they grow...  I will keep you informed :).

On Sunday we made a potato soup for our friends. We based this on the famous clam chowder soup we had when visiting San Francisco, by serving the soup in a bread bowl, just like they did in SF.

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