Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This week's Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant comes from Holland... 
Wait, no not really Holland...see for yourself:

So, now that we know we are in the Netherlands, here is the food I had this week:

Monday started out with a specialty, as I would name it, from the Netherlands: The "Kroketjes." Somebody wanted to know what is special to eat here in the Netherlands - so I was searching constantly for specials :). 
A Kroket can be found on every corner in the Netherlands it is basically some meet or vegetable filling surrounded by coating made of bread or something with a similar consistancy. Mostly fried, but sometimes backed, a usual in-between snack which was first described in a recipe in 1691 by the French kind Louis XIV.
Beside the Kroket I had also some salmon with vegetables on monday which was very enjoyable.
Tuesday gave me a club sandwich with delicious bacon on it and chips.
On Wednesday, the Kroket returned but in company with some salad and a vegetable soup. Most of my Dutch collegues eat sandwiches 24 hours a day (at least sometimes it feels like ;) and look at me confused If I request some "real" food for lunch.
A real entertaining in-between snack from the vending machine was shown to me by another collegue. It is the Gevulde koek which means filled cake and is in my eyes is a very tasty cookie filled with marzipan. But actually instead of marzipan it is amandelspijs, which is in Germany is the raw form of marzipan and something completely different and not comparable in any way to marzipan in the Netherlands (at least this is what my collegues told me :P).
On Thursday I got noodles with prawns which where edible but a little oily for my taste. Friday while I did home office I had some leftover potato soup and sausages. Due to my sickness on the weekend she cooked every meal for me so I got waffels for breakfast and an awesome recipe on Saturday which you will soon find in our blog.
Sunday was noodle day with a new kind of noodle we never tried before. It was basically a Spaghetti with a hole in the middle but I do not recommend it. Eating is only possible if one cuts it several times, otherwise these things start having their own will :).


  1. The only reason to be a consultant: Free delicious food!!! :)

  2. Free food would be amazing ;)... No, we actually pay for the food ourselves - the average cost for meals in the Netherlands (like the above) is about 15 - 20 Euros. But we get money towards food from our company which covers the costs which we would not have without the traveling.