Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mix-Up- Monday: Auto Love

Two weeks ago we wrote about the cars in Germany. She wants to expand on that topic.

Although the types of cars found in the USA and Germany differ only slightly, the love people have for their cars differs a great deal.

Germans love their cars. They take care of them, they are proud of them, they keep a close eye on them, and they cringe when you just mention the idea that someone else may drive their car.

There is actually a song in Germany (that makes fun of Germans overall), which has one line that says German men take better care of their cars than their wives. Now overall she has to say Germans are extremely nice and she is sure they make very nice husbands...but she would not be shocked if this was true. Germans just love their cars that much!

People are just not attached to their cars in the USA like they are here in Germany. Of course there must be a few people who are, but on average, having a car (or two) in America is pretty common and considered "normal." Even things like the ease of getting a license in America (and how cheap it is) compared to Germany makes learning to drive exciting but not as thrilling and special as it is in Germany. The idea that a friend would drive your car is not strange in the USA, with you in it or not. Cars are things (yes, expensive things), but still things that can be replaced.

Watch a German cringe when they see people park bumped to bumper in countries like Italy and you will start to understand how special "das Auto" is.

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