Thursday, May 2, 2013

English Tuna Bake

This is a recipe (if you even can call it that) that we are not recommending, but we thought we would write about it anyways.

Over a month ago two friends came to visit. They brought along with them some packets of tuna bake - apparently a favorite of his years and years ago when he was living in England. He requested it and they were nice enough to bring it to us all the way from England.

So, in a thrill of anticipation, we decided to whip it up one night to try the taste again which was so good years ago...

The memories for him of eating this were fun but the taste left more than a little to be desired. In the end even the leftovers went in the trash. Now our big question is what to do with the nine packets we have left...

Yes, those are potato chips on top. Oh English cuisine!
Anyone getting a craving for tuna bake? We have some packets available :)

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  1. I'LL TAKE THEMMM!!!! I LOVE tuna and pasta bake it's one of my favourite things ever!!!