Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Monday this week was a public holiday in Germany so I got some delicious bacon and a omelet in bed after I woke up. No better way to start a week :)
Tuesday was back to work day and I ordered Thai food from the hotel counter (which they ordered I assume). Really delicious but way too much for me to eat.
Wednesday was noodles day. I had noodles with seafood, even though I could not find it x-).

Coming home from the project this week made me crave for some really basic food. So here it is: home made (frozen and ready made "only put into the oven") bretzels, sausages and a yummy weizenbier.
On Friday we went to a restaurant and there I had a cheeseburger french fries and a very good dip containing cabbage and, I think, yogurt.
Saturday was the Wolkenkratzerfestival in Frankfurt where she experienced the full German program with Nena live (99 red balloons), Otto Waalkes (a very well-known comedian in Germany) and several more acts while having Chinese dinner at a restaurant a five minutes walk way from the festival (and much cheaper than festival food!).
Cooking on Sunday: We made Indian (our own style) curry and bread. The recipe will be published soon! 

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