Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Back in the Netherlands this week for a two day lessons learned session with my team leads. This led to a tasty dinner including carpaccio and a very good desert made up of Crème brûlée, hot chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. Wednesday was then the opposite of the dinner the night before. I received a burned "french-toast-like" cheese toast which then made up my lunch. Well, the sun doesn't shine every day :) (Especially not in the Netherlands I learned).

I came home on Thursday and stopped at our usual sushi delivery man. He made my sushi within 3.5 minutes which made me very happy due to having just driven 4.5 hours back from the Netherlands.
On Friday we boiled some bagels - yes boiled. These were then enjoyed with lox, fruit pretzels and delicious self made ice tea. Both the bagel and iced tea recipes are on our blog - just click the name!
Our friends invited us over on Saturday and they surprised us with their homemade Maultaschen in soup (this is not their recipe but you can find our Maultaschen recipe here). As a small hostess gift we brought them spicy gummi bears - definitely not gummis for kids.

Sunday was bacon day... nuff said:

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