Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

I was back in Cologne last Monday to continue with our IT outsourcing project. Fortunately we were able to handle the workshop within one day and I could drive home that night. I received some delicious spaghetti that I was forced to eat very quickly because we went to a weekly pub quiz that I always have to skip because of being away but she always attends. Due to the public holiday on Wednesday, I stayed in Frankfurt on Tuesday and was able get some time in at the Frankfurt office. Here I had a cheesburger with french fries from the local stand at lunch.

Wednesday, the first of May and a holiday in Germany, we both had off so we went to visit colleagues of hers to have a barbeque. After delicious grilled red sausages and some vegetarian food (cheese and potatoes) we left and finally had some of our own free time (rare with me always being away and keeping so busy with friends on weekends). First of May in Germany is quite a special celebration. I grew up in a so called rural region of Germany, where Walpurgisnacht celebrations of pagan origin are traditionally held on the night before May Day. Bonfires and the wrapping of a Maibaum (maypole) are the traditional approach but young people use this opportunity to party. May 1 is also celebrated in some regions by the delivery of a maypole which is a tree covered in streamers. A boy has to deliver it to the house of a girl the night before (typically a love interest). Females usually place roses or rice in form of a heart at the house of their beloved one. All the action is usually done secretly and it is an individual's choice whether to give a hint of their identity or stay anonymous.
After traveling back to Cologne the night of May 1 (so really only got 3/4 of a day off), I saw a special offer from a local Cologne restaurant. I followed the signs for this special offer and got to enjoy asparagus with turkey and potatoes. Friday, after several meetings and presentations it was time to head home and that night to visit the 3D cinema. Before the movie we met friends and had burgers in Frankfurt. I had not eaten that day due to time constraints and enjoyed a crispy double chicken burger before watching Iron Man 3. Asparagus season (a very special and loved time in Germany) started in Cologne, with my meal on Thursday, but now it was time to prepare some of our own. Therefore we bought two bunches of white asparagus and made crepes with asparagus and Hollandaise sauce on Saturday and a very tasty tomato mozzarella asparagus salad on Sunday. The recipe will follow in the next days so keep tuned!

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